Customer Recipe

Coconut Stuffed Sweet Idli

coconut stuffed sweet idli


  • Coconut small pieces 10 to 15
  • Milk 5 tablespoon
  • Sugar 1/2cup
  • Ghee one spoon
  • Yellow food colour – one pinch
  • Idli batter

Preparation Method:

  1. Take coconut pieces and milk in mixing jar and grate it.
  2. Add it into pan and heat then add half cup sugar and stir it in low flame continuously till it thickens.
  3. Add one spoon of ghee and mix it finally add a pinch of yellow food color and mix. Switch off the flame
  4. Now take idli batter and pour some batter first then add some coconut stuffing, again add a little batter over it.. steam for 10 minutes
  5. Now tasty coconut stuffed sweet idli ready to serve.