Customer Recipe

Chocolate idli & Fruit idli & Burger idli

  • Cook Time10 min
  • YieldServes 5


    • Idli rice – 4 cup
    • Udhar dhall  -1 cup,

      Chocolate idli

    • Coco powder-4 table spoon
    • Choco chips-2 tbsp
    • Salt to taste

      special colour full idli

    • Basic batter and beetroot juice
    • Fruity tuitty
    • Cherry

      Mango idli

    • Basic bater
    • One egg
    • Carrots-1,
    • Beans-5
    • Onion-1
    • Chilli powder-1 tbsp,
    • Garam masala
    • Potatoes-2.
    • Bread crumbs little amount
    • Mayonnaise

    Preparation Method:

    • First, soak the rice and urad dal for 6 hours and grind well separately.
    • Then mixed will with required salt, after 8 hours batter ready to make idli. This is the basic batter.

    Chocolate idli:

    • * Take 3 cups basic idli batter add the coco powder and chocolate chips mix well and make the idli.

    Fruity tuity idli  kids special:

    • * Take 3 cup batter and add beetroot juice, fruity tuity, and cherry in it. And make idli.

    Mango idli:

    • * Take 3 cup batter, mango pulp mix well and make idli.

    Beetroot idli and carrot idli:

    •  * Take 3 cup bater add beetroot juice garnishing some grated beetroots. Same procedure for carrot idli

    Burger idli:

    • * Boil all the vegetables and chili powder, garam masala, salt, bread crumbs, mashed potato make round shape deep fry in oil and make a veg patty.
    • * Make one round shape egg omelet and take 2 idlies, in-between 2 idli arranged the veg patty, omelet, and garnish with mayonnaise.
    • Just before serving add chopped coriander leaves, tomato, onion & extra sour & sweet sauce.
    Now tasty Goodies is ready to serve.