Customer Recipe


  • Cook Time30 min
  • YieldServes 4


    • Urad dal – 2 bowl
    • Rice -2 bowl
    • full brown moth beans (matki dal) – 30 gm
    • Bengal gram (full brown chana dal) Green peas – 30 gm
    • veg oil- 1 tea spoon
    • salt as per taste

      Green chutney

    • Fresh Garlic leaves – 2 spring
    • cumin seeds – 1 tea spoon
    • green chili 5-6
    • salt as per taste

    Preparation Method:


    Soaked in water matki dal, chana dal & green pease 1 night then after separate the water from it and wrap into the muslin cloth (make a potli) for 1 day. Then your sprouted is ready.


    Soaked in water Urad dal & Rice overnight separately and make a soft paste from grinder.


    Above paste mix the matki dal, chana dal, Green peas and salt mix it well.


    Pour some water into the pressure cooker and polish some oil idlipatra plate & stuff above sprouted mixture till 10-12 minute.


    Make a funny face of Sprouted and serve with green chutney.



    Green chutney

    * Cut the fresh garlic leaves & green chili. grind the  fresh garlic leaves, cumin seed, green chili, salt and make fine paste.


    Now tasty Sprouted Idli is ready to serve.