POP’ n FLIX – Instant Pop Corn Kit

  • Popflix is a DIY popcorn kit that you can make at home to share and enjoy movie-style popcorn in the comfort of your home.
  • The kits include 100gm popping corn, 50gm edible oil, and 20gm cheese seasoning, and two popcorn bags. You only need to follow the easy instructions and voila! your popcorn is ready.
  • Enjoy movie-style popcorn with your loved ones while binging on your favorite tv shows, movies, or live sports telecasts.

Easy Biryani Mix – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Thillais Easy Biryani mix is the easiest way to make an excellent tasting biryani at home with ease. It contains all the spices needed to make the biryani and also includes ginger, onion, garlic and mint leaves added to the mix. You do not have to worry about peeling onions and dicing garlic. All you need is a kilo of your favourite cuts of chicken, mutton or vegetables, ghee or curd and a kilo of biryani rice. Nice and simple Best for: Chicken or mutton biryani with Jeera samba rice

Crispy Chicken Mix – Hot and spicy – Thillai’s Masala

If you like spicy and crunchy food look no further than our Thillai’s Crispy Chicken Mix Hot N Spicy variant. Tongue tingling spiciness that lingers in your mouth will keep your tongue and tummy happy! It is the easiest way to make crispy and crunchy snacks when hunger strikes or just indulge. Our single batter mix helps make a delicious crumb fried snack in a few minutes. Enjoy every morsel of your favourite crumb fried products by making them with chicken, fish, prawn, paneer or your favourite vegetable.

Easy Chicken 65 Mix – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Easy chicken 65 mix from Thillai’s is a great way to make this dish at home. It is easy and fast to cook as the mix contains ginger and garlic as well. All you need is a kilo of small pieces of chicken. Marinate the chicken in the masala for 30 minutes and then deep fry. Best for: Sidedish with biryani or parotta. Best enjoyed with a cold beer.

Easy Chettinad Chicken Mix – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Thillai’s Easy Chettinad mix is the result of marrying our wildly popular Thillai’s Chettinad Masala to ease and convenience. The masala includes ginger, onion and garlic making, it super easy to make an authentic Chettinad chicken at home.   Best as: Sidedish with rotis and chappatis

Easy virudhunagar salna mix-50g-Thillais

The Salna of Virudhunagar is an improvised version of the Salan which is popular in Mughlai cuisine and usually served along with Mughlai Biryani. The Virudhunagar Salna however is served more as an accompaniment for the famed Virudhunagar Crispy Parottas. It is spiced mildly but cooked with a lot of onions.  

Easy Curry Leaf chicken Mix – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Thillai’s Easy curry leaf (karuvepillai) chicken mix brings you the goodness of curry leaves in a tasty and easy to cook format to make a wicked chicken recipe! Now that’s what we call healthy, tasty and solve the paradox that healthy is not tasty. Made using hand graded and sorted fresh curry leaves that are shade dried and processed to retain maximum taste and aroma. Best for: Serving with chappatis.

Easy Madurai Mutton Fry Masala – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Easy Madurai mutton fry (sukka) mix from Thillai’s is Easy to cook and comes in a single-serve pack The natural tenderiser made from papaya extract makes the meat soft. It requires only 1kg cubed mutton pieces and oil. Just add the pack to a kilo of mutton and allow to marinate for 30 minutes. Shallow fry on a low flame until the meat cooks. Best for: Side dish for parottas and white rice

Easy Palliplayam Chicken Mix – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Easy Pallipalayam Chicken mix from Thillai’s is an authentic recipe fom the Kongu region of Tamilandu. This authentic Kongu recipe requires only1kg chicken, oil and water to make a great tasting restaurant style dish at home. Fiery and hot but will keep you wanting more. Best for:  Accompaniment with parottas

Easy marina fish roast mix-50g-Thillais

The aroma and taste of the fresh fish being fried is a lip-smacking treat and a great snack when spending time on the beach. Thillais brings this Chennai favorite to your kitchen as “Easy Marina Fish Roast Mix”. Tamil Nadu has a large coastline and the bountiful seafood makes it a paradise for seafood lovers. Fish curry preparations vary from state to state. The seafood from the Marathi region to Konkan and Malabar style seafood, Bengali style to Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu all have their own unique styles and ingredients ranging from the use of coconut milk, kokum, tamarind, chilli, mustard etc.

Easy Karaikudi Milagu Rasam – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Easy Karaikudi Rasam is an instant rasam mix that can be enjoyed as hot soup style beverage as well besides rice. It includes all the ingredients to make a tasty rasam. All you need to do is add 2table spoons to 500ml water and bring to a boil. Garnish with fresh coriander and diced tomatoes and serve. Best for: Serving with hot rice

Easy Pandiyanadu Mutton Kuzhambu Mix – Thillai’s Masala

Our Easy mutton curry mix is an age-old recipe from the Pandya kingdom. This is an ancient recipe that uses minimum ingredients like wild coriander, cumin, native red chilies and black pepper. We have added the onions as well now so that you don’t have to waste time to peeling and dicing onions. Enjoy this dish to relive old memories of having a feast under the temple trees. Serve with: Hot rice or parottas


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