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Kerala Mutton Stew

Kerala Mutton Stew

Kerala Mutton Stew is mildly spiced stew made by simmering mutton pieces along with vegetables like potato, beans, carrots with a coconut milk. The whole dish is cooked in coconut oil as well giving it a lovely flavour. Serve hot Kerala Mutton Stew with Appam, Idiyappam, Bread, Naan or any roti.

  • Prep Time15 min
  • Cook Time35 min
  • Total Time50 min
  • Serving Size4



      1. Clean and cut ½ Kg Mutton into medium size pieces.
      2. In a pressure cooker, heat some oil and add 1 Cinnamon Stick, 2 Thillai’s Cardamom, 2 Thillai’s Cloves, 4 Thillai’s Black Pepper, 1 Bay Leaf and 1 Star Anise. Saute until fragrant. Add 1 sprig of curry leaves, crushed ½ inch Ginger, 3 cloves of Garlic and slit 4 Green Chillies. Once the raw smell of ginger and garlic subsides, add sliced 1 Onion along with a pinch of salt, saute until translucent.
      3. Add ¼ teaspoon Thillai’s Erode Turmeric Powder, ¼ teaspoon Thillai’s Nattu Malli Coriander Powder, 1 teaspoon Thillai’s Malabar Black Pepper Powder, saute and mix well.
      4. Add mutton pieces along with 1 cup water and salt, close the lid and cook in the pressure cooker for 4 whistles. Turn off the flame and allow the cooker to sit until all the pressure is released. Open the lid and transfer it to a separate pan.
      5. Add 1 potato, 1 carrot and 12 beans along with thin coconut milk to the cooked mutton. Close the lid and allow it to cook on a low flame. Once the stew starts boiling, add the 1/3 cup frozen green peas and ½ teaspoon fennel powder.
      6. As the dish starts boiling again, check for the veggies to be cooked perfectly and once done, reduce the flame to  low and add the ½ teaspoon thick coconut milk. Do not allow the stew to boil after this stage.
      7. Top the stew with freshly crushed 1 teaspoon Thillai’s Black Pepper. Swirl the pan once and cook for another 2 minutes on a low flame. Turn off the flame.
      8. Heat 1 tablespoon Ghee/Butter in a separate pan, saute 4 Pearl Onions until they are lightly brown, then add 6 cashews and 1 spring of curry leaves and saute. Add this tempering to the prepared mutton stew, mix well. Close the lid and allow it to rest for 15 minutes.

    Now tasty Kerala Mutton Stew is ready!!