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Mutton Rezala

mutton rezala
  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time20 min
  • Total Time30 min
  • Serving Size5



    Preparation Method:


    Take 750g of mutton in a large bowl, add 2 tablespoons Ginger Garlic paste, crushed black peppercorns, salt and ¾ cup yogurt. Mix well and set aside for 30 minutes.


    Heat 3 tablespoons ghee in a pressure cooker, add 10 black peppercorns, 5 cloves, 2 bay leaves and 2 inch cinnamon stick and 3 green cardamoms. Add 4 dried red chillies and 3 medium onion puree, mix well and cook till golden brown.


    Add 2 tablespoons Ginger Garlic paste and mix well. Cook 1-2 minutes. Add 6 teaspoon of Thillai’s Curry Powder and ½ cup water. Mix till well combined and cook for 3-4 minutes.


    Add mutton and sauté on high heat for 5-6 minutes. Add 2 cups water and mix well. Let it come to a boil.


    Place the lid and cook under pressure till 4-5 whistles are released. Allow the pressure to be reduce completely.


    Add 1 ½ tablespoons cashew nuts or poppy seeds paste and mix well. Add 2 tablespoons milk and mix well.


    Add 1 teaspoon Thillai’s Garam Masala Powder and mix. Cook for 2-3 minutes.


    Switch the heat off and add 2 teaspoon kewra water, mix well and transfer into a serving bowl.


    Garnish with fried onions and mint sprig.


    Serve hot rotis or parottas.


    Now tasty Mutton Rezala is ready to serve.