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Nethili Fish Fry

Nethili Fish Fry

Nethili Fry is an easy fried fish recipe to make at home. The fish is also widely available right through the year. This nethili fish fry serves as a great crispy starter or as a side dish for rice. Anchovies marinated in spices and fried till crispy makes it super tasty. This nethili fry is very famous appetizer in Kerala. We made it in our south indian style masala, it tastes super good.

Preparation Time: 15mins
Cooking Time: 25mins
Total Time: 40mins
Serving Size: 2


Preparation Method For Nethili Fish Fry

  1. In a bowl add ¼ teaspoon Thillai’s Erode Turmeric Powder. Clean 400gm nethili fish well, rinse it twice at least in turmeric water and take it in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons ginger garlic paste, ¼ teaspoon Thillai’s Malabar Black Pepper Powder, 1 teaspoon Thillai’s Guntur Chilli Powder, 3 tablespoons rice flour, 1 tablespoon corn flour and salt. Mix well first then sprinkle little water and mix well. Fish should be coated well.
  3. Marinate the fish for 15mins.
  4. Heat required oil in a kadai. Add the fish pieces little by little in a kadai.
  5. Flip over and fry. Fry until golden brown. Repeat to finish.
  6. Finally add 1 spring curry leaves and fry until crispy for garnish.
  7. Now Yummy spicy nethili fish fry is ready.
  8. Serve Nethili Fish Fry with squeeze of lemon juice and onion rings.