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Kashmiri Chilli powder 500g – Thillai’s Masala

High-quality kashmiri chillies to spice up everyday cooking.

Thillai’s Arabian Mandi Fresh Ground Spice Mix-500g

This product helps you to make authentic Arabian style cuisine This product has 100 percent vegetarian ingredients and can be used to make vegetarian dishes as well .

Thillai’s Chinese 5spice Powder-500g

Five spice mix is used to flavor a lot of Chinese dishes such as sweet and sour fish, Manchurian preparations etc. It contains a blend of various spices including Schezwan pepper. This product contains 100 percent vegetarian ingredients and can be used to make vegetarian dishes as well .

Thillai’s Kabsa Masala-500g

This masala contains a mix of spices such as coriander , cumin , chilli flakes , bay leaf , star anise , pepper etc., which brings a arabic cusine at your kitchen . This product has 100 percent vegetarian ingredients.

Thillais BBQ Mix-500g

Barbecue chicken mix is used for chicken rub with smoky flavor.ingredient brown sugar is added to give a glaze by caramalization to the chicken while cooking.

Thillais Grill Chicken Mix-500g

With Thillai's Grill chicken mix,we could make the delicious grill chicken in our kitchen.Marinade the chicken with the Thillai's grill chicken mix. Marinate in the refrigerator for a minimum of 30 minutes, or up to 8 hours. Then Place the chicken breasts on the hot grill pan. Cook on the first side for about 4 minutes and turn the chicken breasts over on the other side.

Thillais Tandoori Chicken Mix-500g

The direct heat of the charcoal fire is reflected by the ceramic walls of the tandoor intensifying the heat and creating a cooking environment that easily reaches 600 degrees.Chicken is marinated with Thillai's tandoori chicken mix are lowered into the oven on long metal skewers and cooked in this smoky and extremely hot “pit” until they are grilled. Garnish with coriander leave and lemon juice.