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Coriander powder – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Made from dry grinding of premium quality Nattu Malli variety of coriander seeds to increase flavor. Thillai’s coriander is 100 % natural; it’s free from adulterants, preservative, artificial colour and flavor. Available in convenient pack sizes of 50g, 100g, 500g and 1kg. Ingredients: 100 % pure whole Coriander seeds.

Cumin powder – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Cumin powder is a staple ingredient in most curry powders and many spice blends. It’s reserved primarily for savory recipes, like chili, stews, meat, fish, and vegetables. Thillai’s cumin powder adds spicy aroma in your dish.

Pepper powder – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

100% pure pepper powder made from high-quality sourced pepper

Turmeric Powder – 50g – Thillai’s Masala

Turmeric is useful for its colour, flavor, goodness and cosmetic properties. It is a quintessential ingredient in the Indian Kitchen.