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Thillais red chilli powder is made by grinding the select varieties of pure Guntur dried red chillies to provide a deep red colour and a sharp pungency (heat) to the chilli powder.

Thillais chilli powder is 100 percent natural and free from adulterants, preservatives, artificial colour and flavour. Thillais chilli powder is in the range of 45000 to 50000 Scoville heat units. Thillais chilli powder is available in pack sizes of 50grams, 100grams and 500gramspouches.

Available Pack Sizes

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Origin Source:
India is the largest grower and exporter of chillies in the world. Chillies were introduced to India by the Portuguese traders when they discovered India.
Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India is the largest chilli market in the world. Chillies are grown across India. China and Pakistan are other growing regions.
Grinding Method:
The spice industry usually uses hammer mills to grind while chilies into powder. It is also ground on plate mills by small millers that grind various products including flour/ rice etc. as part of a home business. It is also easy to grind chilies at home using a grinder with the right blades.
Chilies provide a nice bright color that makes food appetizing and also impart pungency. The pungency is also referred to as heat and can vary from a 5000 to more than 2000000 shu depending on the variety. The most commonly used are in the range of 20000 to 50000 shu.