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  • Though the curry powder originated in India, it is only known as masala powder or just masala in India. There are a multitude of curry powders on the market and each is unique in terms of colour, ingredients, pungency and aroma.
  • Some of the most popular variants are the Hot Madras curry powder, Japanese yellow curry powder, Srilankan curry powder.
  • You can make any number of curry powders each fit for the purpose such as fish curry powder, chicken curry powder and mutton curry powder and several variants of curry masalas for dal and vegetables.

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Curries are probably our biggest gift to global cuisine. However, the range of curries available in India are too difficult to enumerate as each state has several variations and varieties, consistencies, veg, non veg, dal based and the various accompaniments that go well with different kinds of curries.

Thillais curry powder is an all purpose curry powder that goes well on chicken or meat dishes and also can be used to make a fantastic veg kurma.

It is a curry powder similar to the “Hot Madras Curry” that westerners know. The curry will appeal to everybody as it goes well with rice or with chappathi, parathas (Parottas) or even idlis and egg dosas.

Thillai’s recommends: Chicken curry made with Thillai’s Curry powder and Egg dosas.

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