Mutton Kuzhambu Mix

Thillais Easy Pandyan nadu Mutton kuzhambu mix is a mutton curry that is made researchin an age old recipe of cooking sacrificial goats at temple festivals. Ayyanar temples are considered sacred and were places people travelled to from their towns to pay obeisance to the gods and sacrificed goats as an offering to the Ayyanars. The goat were cooked far away from towns were resources were limited and hence cooked with minimum ingredients available in the vicinity. Our mutton curry mix is a single serve pack that contains all the ingredients neeeded to make a perfect curry. All you need is 250gms mutton and your choice of mutton. Perfect served with hot rice.

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Thillais Easy Pandyan nadu mutton Kuzhambu mix can be used to make a vegetarian curry as well. All ingredients are 100 perent vegetarian. Cooking instructions