Pallipalayam Chicken Masala Powder

Thillai’s Easy Pallipalayam Mix is perhaps the only one variant in the market that makes legendary chicken recipe from the Kongu region into an easy single serve pack that replicates authentic Pallipalayam Chicken.

Available Packs

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1. Palipalayam chicken is best served as a side dish with biryani, chappatis. You can make this with muuton, mushrooms, gobi or paneer. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard and allow to temper.
2. Add bite sized chicken pieces and fry for 2mins, add Thillai’s Pallipalayma chicken mix and blend well with the chicken pieces.
3. Add require amount of water and close the lid. Cook until water evaporates, add required amount of diced cocout pieces to chicken, mix and cook it in low flame for 2mins.