Sambar Chilli Powder


Samba Chilli Powder

Thillais samba chilli powder is made by grinding the local chilli variant from the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu. This variant is perfect for a balance of pungency and colour and just right for vegetarian dishes like sambar and vegetarian Kuzhambu.
The chilli is made from open an open pollinated seed varieties k1 and k2 that were launched in the early 60’s in South Tamilnadu.
Thillais Samba chilli powder is available exclusively for the food service industry in 1kg packs.


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Thillais samba chilli powder is a pun on the word Samba which literally means the traditional chilli variety grown in Tamilnadu. Incidentally this is also the perfect variety to make a great tasting sambar. A perfect blend of heat (pungency) and colour that helps in making a pleasant tasting sambar that you will like to dunk your idlis in or simply relish by itself. This is offered for restaurants in a 1kg pack. And comes with the Thillais guarantee of purity and safety.

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