Quality Policy

We “VPSA Paramasiva Nadar& Co” will strive to provide products services of quality including reliability safety statutory requirements, exceeding the need of our customers. This is achievedby total management commitment, total involvement of our employees, adopting new technologies and continuous quality improvement in every activity”

Research & Development

Our R&D team works constantly on products that will meet the objectives of “developing new products that offer ease and convenience” in everyday cooking. Our teams travel across the country sampling different cuisines to get inspiration for new products. The team also works on continual product improvement to make sure that our products are always relevant to customers.

Lab Facilities

Our in house analytical and microbiological laboratories are fully equipped to check for aflotoxin, pesticide residues and microbial contaminants and test for all quality characteristics, such as Total ash, Acid Insoluble Ash, Extraneous matter, Moisture, granulation, pungency and colour. Our monitoring methods ensure that only raw materials that pass our stringent QC tests go under the mill. Our laboratory tests for quality at every stage from raw material,on line and finished product ensure that every consignment meets customer specification. Our laboratory is equipped with a HPLC, GC and spectrophotometer.

Production – Facilities

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Our spice milling division is a progressive modern unit that is ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and BRC certified by TUV. Our hands on approach coupled with our thorough knowledge of product characteristics enable us to obtain stringent quality requirements in terms of heat, colour and granulation.