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Thatte Idli (தட்டு இட்லி)

Thatte idli

Thatte Idli is one of the Karnataka’s famous breakfast dish. It is a regular dish in every household in Karnataka and is very easy and quick to make. It is also named as Plate idli. This recipe is made with Urad dal, Poha and Sabudana.

    Prep Time: 15mins
    Cook Time: 20mins
    Total Time: 35mins
    Servings Size: 4


For Idli Batter

  • 3 Cup Rice
  • 1 Cup Black Urad Dal (Split)
  • 1 Cup Poha (Flattened rice)
  • ½ Cup Sabudana (Tapioca Pearls)
  • ½ Teaspoon Cooking soda, optional
  • Salt to Taste
  • Oil as required to grease

For Mutton Salna

Preparation Method

Making Thatte Idli

  1. Grind the urad dal first in a grinder, into a smooth paste adding enough water. Add the water in intervals.
  2. Once, urad dal is done, add rice, poha and sabudana and grind adding little water. Grind them all together into a smooth batter and make sure that the final batter should be smoother than the normal idli batter.
  3. Transfer the ground batter to a big vessel, add salt, mix well and keep aside for fermentation for about 10-12 hours.
  4. After 10-12 hours, mix gently before pouring into the greased idli plate. If you want add the ½ teaspoon soda, you can add it before pouring it into the greased plates.
  5. Steam the idlis for 8-10 minutes in an idli steamer.

Making Mutton Salna

  1. Heat 3 tablespoon of oil in a pressure cooker and add 100g of chopped tomatoes and fry for some time.
  2. Add 250g of bits sized mutton pieces of your choice and fry for till Mutton turns soft. Add 50g of Thillai’s Easy Virudhunagar Salna Mix and Blend well with the meat.
  3. Add 800ml of water and salt to taste. Add 250ml of coconut milk to the boiling Mixture and pressure cook until you hear three of four whistles from the cooker.

Now Serve hot Thatte Idli with Mutton Salna.