about-thillai's COMPANY HISTORY

VPSA Paramasiva Nadar group of companies is based in Virudhunagar, the southern trading hub of Tamil Nadu. With a heritage of over 100 years in Spice trade, the family owned business is today managed by the fourth generation. Being a pioneer in exports of stemless chillies, it has today emerged as a progressive company focused on creating a market for authentic regional Tamilnadu cuisine through easy and convenient to cook spice mixes. Our current Product range consists of whole spices, spice powders, oleoresins and seasonings.

about-thillai's MISSION

To delight consumers with flavourful spice mixes that are easy and convenient and offer value for money.

about-thillai's VISION

To be the leading masala brand in Tamilnadu in the non vegetarian masala segment.

about-thillai's WHY THILLAIS

  • Thillai’s makes everyday cooking easy and fun. We understand that life can get pretty hectic and cooking can seem to be chore.
  • Surprise guests for dinner? No problem with Thillai’s.
  • Kids are hungry and need to cook something quick? No problems with Thillai’s
  • You’re a foodie but don’t know how to cook? No worries when you have Thillai’s
  • Love to cook but are short of time? Stay calm and cook with Thillai’s
  • With Thillai’s everyday meals become so much more fun with our Easy range single serve packs that offer a range of cooking mixes based on regional Tamil Nadu cuisine
  • From the daily rasam to a more exotic biryani we making it easy and tasty while ensuring the authentic taste of each recipe are captured in every pack.
  • Thillai’s is committed to ensuring that you get the best product every time.
  • We do this by following a rigorous food safety system and take care to ensure that we produce consistently good quality products every day.
  • We keep our ingredients simple and use only natural ingredients in all products.
  • If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we will be glad to replace it free of cost.

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