Shipping, Delivery and Returns Policy

Shipping & Delivery

The products are shipped within 2 -4 working days from the order. However the time to ship the product mentioned on our website against each item are indicative and approximate only and sometimes due to situations beyond our control, delays may occur. No refund, returns, replacement & exchange will be entertained for this reason. Standard Shipping Speeds and Delivery charges vary by the shipping address entered. Cash on delivery is available.

Return Policy

A product can be returned within 3 days of delivery. Return and Exchange only if the products are damaged or if a wrong product is shipped by us. Returns are at the cost of the Buyer. No cash refunds are made. You will be sent the same product that was originally ordered as a replacement.

For more details

If you have something that you would like clarified, please reach out to us by calling us on 8524805573.