Grievances Redressal Policy

Grievances Redressal Policy

At Thillais, we value your satisfaction and strive to provide the best possible service. We understand that issues may arise from time to time, and we are committed to resolving them promptly and fairly. If you have any grievances or concerns, please allow us the opportunity to address them through our Grievances Redressal process:

Contacting Customer Support:

If you encounter any problems or have any grievances related to your product purchase, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. 

You can contact us via or +91 84388 01930

Please provide specific details about your issue so that we can better understand and assist you.


Grievance Submission:

To ensure a smooth and efficient resolution, we request that you provide the following information when submitting your grievance:

  1. Your full name and contact information –
  2. Order details (order number, date of purchase) –
  3. Description of the grievance or issue –
  4. Any supporting documentation or evidence –


Grievance Resolution Process:

3.1. Acknowledgment:

Upon receiving your grievance, our customer support team will acknowledge your complaint within 48hrs and provide you with a unique reference number for future correspondence.


3.2. Investigation:

We will thoroughly investigate the matter and work towards a resolution. Our team may reach out to you for additional information or clarification during this process. We appreciate your cooperation and patience.


3.3. Communication:

We will keep you informed about the progress of your grievance and provide regular updates regarding the steps taken to resolve the issue. Our goal is to address your concerns effectively and efficiently.


3.4. Resolution:

Once the investigation is complete, we will provide you with a resolution to your grievance. This may include an explanation, compensation, refund, replacement, or any other appropriate resolution based on the nature of the grievance.



If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you may request for further escalation. Please contact our customer support team and clearly state your intention to escalate the matter. We will review the case and ensure that it is escalated to the relevant authority within our organization for a higher-level review and resolution.


Feedback and Improvement:

Your feedback is valuable to us. We encourage you to provide feedback on our Grievances Redressal process, as it helps us identify areas for improvement and ensures that we consistently deliver a high standard of service.

Please be assured that all grievances will be handled with utmost seriousness and confidentiality. We are committed to resolving your concerns promptly and fairly.