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With a heritage of over 100 years in Spice trade, the family owned business strive to delight consumers with flavourful spice mixes that are easy and convenient and offer value for money. As a leading spice manufacturer in Tamil Nadu, we aim to make everyday cooking and eating a delight.

Reviews & Ratings
Ashwini Pradeep
Ashwini Pradeep
Iam very proudly to say this masala products I bought. Thillais curry leaf chicken masala And chicken 65 masala it is very tasty and good delicious masala Thank to thillais kitchen member
Subathra Devi
Subathra Devi
I usually have thillai masala products in my non veg meals especially my family likes crispy chicken fry.masa thanks thillai
Sheeja Selvam
Sheeja Selvam
Very good product.easy to cook.delicious taste and combination of spices is also good.
Anusuya R
Anusuya R
Its an honest review. I am a big fan of Thillai's and Badshah masala,, So far I have purchased thillai's mutton masala, chicken masala, chicken pallipalayam masala , fish fry masala and pop corn kit. It gives an amazing and authentic taste especially mutton masala you don't need to add any other spices only that particular masala for the meat is enough. Please try at least once and you wont stop purchasing from Thillai.
M Geetha Priya
M Geetha Priya
Actually I am using this Thillais masala since last 1 year. The authentic taste and flavour that we get from this masala is really fantastic which brings the restaurant style feel. I simply love their range of products.
Arun Shekar
Arun Shekar
Their ‘pop n flix’ and crispy mixes are a must try
Saranya Selvakumar
Saranya Selvakumar
Good products and good price . Thanks
Customers Testimonials
When I first tried the chettinad chicken masala, I couldn't believe how authentic it tasted. It reminded me of my grandmother's cooking. Thank you Thillai's for your amazing Masalas.
Geetha Venkat
The easy masalas are a life saver. I am able to make these yummy south indian curries even though I stay abroad. Thillai's Masala brings back flavours from home for me and my kids.
Texas, USA
My family is just enjoying the meal time everyday. We have tried the Pallipalayam Chicken Mix, Pandiyanadu Mutton Kuzhambu Mix and quite a few other products. Loved them all.
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