Cumin Powder


Cumin Powder

Thillais cumin powder is made by sourcing best quality cumin seeds rom the famed markets of Unjha and Patan in Gujarat. This ensures that only pure and clean cumin seeds are ground.
Thillais cumin powder is 100 percent natural and free from adulterants, preservatives, artificial colour and flavour. Thillais cumin powder is available in 50gram pouches.

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Origin Source:
Cumin is a sweet smelling spice that is popular in Indian cooking. The origins of cumin can be traced to the Middle Eastern countries and Egypt. In India cumin is grown chiefly in the state of Gujarat. The town of Unjha is perhaps the largest market in the world and is also a large market for fennel, mustard seeds etc.
 Syria was a large producer of cumin but with the war in the country it does not figure as a major grower. Indian cumin is exported all over the world and China has emerged as a major importer of cumin from India.
Grinding Method:
Cumin is first cleaned and graded using sorting machines to remove the chaff and impurities form the product.
The cleaned cumin seeds are then ground on hammer mills. Roasted cumin powder can also be made after grinding the cumin.
Cooking With Cumin Powder:
Cumin is used extensively in Indian cuisine and can be a major ingredient in curries. Gravies and in roast and grilled poultry and meat dishes.
Cumin powder is an essential in the traditional Indian masala dabba which is circular spice box containing the most important daily use spice powders and spices.
Cumin is an aromatic and when roasted provides aroma to any dish. Cumin seeds are oblong shaped and have a yellowish brown color and can be confused with Caraway.