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Thillais turmeric powder is made but grinding selected Malabar turmeric fingers that are known for their high curcumin content. The turmeric is fragrant and provides earthy notes and can instantly colour a dish naturally.
Thillais turmeric powder is 100 percent natural and free from adulterants, preservatives, artificial colour and flavour. Thillais turmeric powder is available in pack sizes of 50 grams, 100grams and 500gram pouches.

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Origin Source:
Turmeric is a root plant and is considered as a spice in dry form. Turmeric is usually long and slender roots but can also be found as bulbs. In India Tamilnadu is the largest producer of turmeric. The regions of Erode and Salem are the major growing regions in Tamilnadu. The variety grown in Tamilnadu is referred to as MFT or Madras Finger turmeric.
Turmeric fingers called as Allepey Finger are grown in the state of Kerala and known as AFT or Allepey finger turmeric. The Allepey Finger turmeric is known for its high curcumin content.
Turmeric is also grown in the Nizamabad region of Telangana state and the Sangli region of Maharashtra. The North Eastern States are also a source of high curcumin varieties of turmeric fingers but in small quantities.
Turmeric fingers are ground on cone mills or pulverize and screened. The fine powder with the natural yellow Colorado can be a challenge to manufacture and also leaves strong stains on clothing and wall and floor surfaces.
The active ingredient that provides the coloring to turmeric is the curcumin content. The more the curcumin the more the coloring strength.
The curcumin can vary from two percent to six percent or higher depending on variety and growing region.